Monday, April 18, 2011

Birdie and Bubbles

Two weeks ago,Monica, James, and I were sitting on the driveway blowing bubbles when Monica found a little house finch near the garage. I think it was injured or ill, since most wild birds don't stick around long enough for anyone, especially unpredictable, fast-moving two year olds, to get this close.

I was proud of Monica. She followed my directions and did not touch the bird or scare it. She was also very generous in offering the finch a blow on her bubble wand. If she would always be that generous with James when he is interested in her toys...

Eventually, the finch did fly off to a nearby pine tree, although he didn't seem to have his bearings. I hope he ended up finding a safe place and recuperation from whatever ailed him.

1 comment:

AJM said...

I love that she offered the birdie a bubble blow. Precious. :)