Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Perils of Toddler-dom: Infectious Diseases

In Monica's first year of life, she had one cold. Granted, she had her share of gastrointestinal stress and diaper rash, but infectious diseases were nearly nil. She even bypassed a case of hand-foot-mouth after an entire weekend of exposure. I was sure that I have a child with bionic immunity.

Was I ever wrong.

Not that Monica is constantly sick, or anything. She really is relatively healthy. It's just that she's now a toddler...who can toddle at the speed of light and put her mouth on anything she can get her hands on, which is everything 24 inches or less from the ground.

In the past 2+ months, she got a cold, which lasted for three weeks and resulted in an ear infection, three episodes of nasty cold sores (which we thought were impetigo for a while!), and roseola (which she passed on to some friends' kiddos. Sorry Erin!!!).

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