Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Perils of Toddler-dom: Shoulda Seen That One Coming Part 2

Before you read this post, be sure you've read this one.

While I was glad to have Kevin home and not be alone anymore, I was not all that encouraged by the 3 Iron. Kevin tried to get it under the door in hopes of pushing the drawer closed, but the clearance between the bottom of the door and the threshold can't be more than two centimeters. So that idea was out. We decided to shine a flashlight under the door and saw Monica facedown on the floor screaming hysterically. As much as we tried to get her to close the drawer, I guess she wasn't in the place to follow any direction.

A few minutes later, we heard the firetruck pull up to the house and two firemen came to the door with a bag of tools. They also tried asking Monica to close the drawer, which was just as ineffective as before. At that point, I was pretty sure they were going to have to cut the door in some way. Before getting out the saw, they hauled out the crow bar to remove the door knob. After the door knob was off, we turned on the light and saw that it wasn't the bottom drawer that was open but the middle drawer, so there was no way that we could have been able to shove anything over the door to close the drawer. The middle drawer was open all the way so after a few hard shoves, the drawer popped out and the door finally opened, with Monica still facedown on the floor in hysterics.

I picked her up and held her close while the firemen packed up their gear. After a few hugs, she started to calm down. Other than being exhausted from the crying, she was fine. If you're in a situtation to call 911, I guess this was the situation to be in. All of Monica's teeth and limbs are in place and accounted for and no caustic chemicals were consumed. Thank God the situation wasn't more dangerous. I think we'll be taking potential hazards more seriously so they don't become more 911 calls in the future!

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Hannah said...

I never even thought about that happening! Glad it worked out:)