Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hitch in the Giddy Up

The process of moving back to the Great Lakes State is in full swing. Kevin leaves one week from tomorrow, and we're in all-out packing, paper work completing, phone calling, arrangement making mode. Moving is a whole lot of work!

We are waiting to find a house til we roll into town, which means that we need some temporary digs. Our original plan was to live in a house that a friend was preparing to rent out to college students. Long story short, that fell through last Thursday night, and the past week has been a feverish search for a place to stay while we find another homestead. I checked Craigslist,, and other sites looking for an apartment or a house, and nothing has panned out...except a studio room at Extended Stay America. So, as of today, we'll be hotel-dwellers for at least 30 days. Grand.

I'm certainly not looking forward to living in a studio hotel room with a dog, but on the upside, weekly housekeeping, internet, cable, utilities, and a membership at the hotel's workout facility are all included. And, the extent of our stay is totally flexible, which is comforting considering that the time between starting to look for a home and actually closing on a home can be unpredictable.

This situation has brought the life of Christ to mind many times. Mary went into labor while they were on a journey to be counted by the government, and the only place they could find was a cave-dwelling for animals. Joseph had a dream that he needed to take his wife and Jesus to Egypt. They fled Judea right away; no doubt they didn't have the chance to research sublets and long-term-stay inns! And when a scribe expressed his undying devotion to Jesus, he answered:

"Foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head." Matthew 8:20

Even as modern day disciples, we must be prepared to depend on our Heavenly Father just as Jesus did, at every moment of every day for ALL that we need.

Maybe Extended Stay American isn't so bad after all.

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