Sunday, June 29, 2008

Moving Forward

We found a house! Here's a picture from the listing.

We are set to close on the house in New York this Thursday. (Fortunately, we are able to have the deed etc. overnighted to us to sign so we don't have to be at the closing.) The closing date for the new house is set for July 25th, though we'd like to close earlier if possible. We are so blessed to have found a house that fits our needs so quickly. The search was short, but emotional. (I'm sure being pregnant didn't help in that regard!)

There are many good deals on houses right now, but buyers in the starter home price range need to act FAST on desirable properties. We put our full price offer in on Monday night and the next day, another agent called with a full price, cash offer from his client. The sellers had already accepted our offer, so the sellers' agent said the property was sold. Good thing we acted quickly! God has totally provided for our needs every step of the way. He is so faithful.

We've still got a few more weeks in the Extended Stay, but we'll manage. My biggest beef with the place is the stinky stairwell. There are a series of garbage cans, and the one on the ground floor has a cigarrette disposal tray. The entry way smells perpetually of stale cigarrettes and garbage. Oy!

Kevin says that if he were a bachelor, he'd stay here indefinitely. The affordable price with all utilities plus housekeeping is too good to be true. I beg to differ, but I'll let him enjoy this while it lasts.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the house! Looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple of weeks. Andrea, you are the cutest pregnant person ever!

Linda and Mike